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Drupal Garland Blue Template for Dokuwiki

Drupal Garland Blue Template for Dokuwiki

—- template —- Author_mail: Mirko Windhoff Description: Drupal Garland Theme adapted for DokuWiki (in blue), internals based on the sidebar_theme. LastUpdate_dt: 2010-10-22 Compatible: 2011-05-25; 2010-11-07; 2009-12-25c; hopefully also 2005-09-22 and above Template_tags: Drupal, Garland, Blue # comma separated tags Screenshot_img:

I adapted sidebar_theme and styled it like the Drupal Garland Theme and with blue color.

This theme shows the content of the following special named pages at the left, right and top:

In top_navigation you should use a bullet list of links, to create the navigation. You could create page specific top navigations too, if you adapt the tpl_functions.php a little bit.

All credits for the design go to Drupal.

:-D New color configurator for this theme available (beta)

Download and Install

You can download the theme here (both always latest version from svn):

As root you can execute the following to install it (adapt the path):

cd /var/www/dokuwiki/lib/tpl && wget -O- | tar -xzvf -

For details refer to template on how to install and use templates in DokuWiki.

Alternatively you can obtain it through subversion:

cd /var/www/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/
svn checkout drupal-garland-blue

If you want to contribute/improve the theme, I can add you to the member list at Google Code.

Recent Changes:

Sites using this Template

Add your site here, if you want:


Feel free to leave comments here.

  • Many thanks - I love it. Gerard.
  • Beautiful! Thanks! - Joe
  • Great template. - Kai … and for other newbies like me: To get top- left- and right-navigation create pages with bullet lists in the root of your namespace named top_navigation / default_sidebar_left / default_sidebar_right =)
  • Wonderful! GRH
  • Good template!
  • Very nice template: Two suggestion:
    • Include some default top_navigation and default_sidebar_left pages with some dummy links.
    • In some places of your code, e.g. in conf/default.php you use the short <? tag instead of the full <?php tag. some strict settings don't like that.
  • I think this is a great template - but I had to fix a couple of issues: The <? issue mentioned above, and two comments in main.php that used the <? … ?> syntax. I replaced them with <!–

    –> and <!– /* Remove this invisible link if it bothers you. */ –> and now everything is working fine. This in on a Windows/IIS machine using FastCGI in case that matters ;-)

    • Thank you for reporting the “<?php” issue. This is now fixed. Conserning the “Include some default pages” part: They are included, but normally these pages don't exist and have to be filled by the user. One could create and fill them with dummy content, but a template should not create pages I think. — Mirko Windhoff 01/02/2011
  • Very nice template.
    There is an issue with the TOC, though. If a page is so simple that it has no TOC, or when visiting configuration page, the TOC that is shown for the page is the TOC of the sidebar (if it has one). I found how to prevent this. in file tpl_functions.php, function tpl_sidebar should save and restore the global $TOC var. The following code works for me
     * fetches the sidebar-pages and displays the sidebar
    function tpl_sidebar($side='left') {
        global $ID, $REV, $TOC, $INFO, $lang;
        $svID  = $ID;
        $svREV = $REV;
        $svTOC = $TOC;
        $page_sidebar_name = $ID.'_'.tpl_getConf('sidebar_pagename').'_'.$side;
        $namespace_sidebar_name = $INFO['namespace'].'_'.tpl_getConf('sidebar_pagename').'_'.$side;
        $default_sidebar_name = tpl_getConf('default_'.$side.'sidebar_name');
        if (file_exists(wikiFN($page_sidebar_name)))
            echo '<div class="'.$side.'bar">'.p_sidebar_xhtml($page_sidebar_name).'</div>';
        elseif (file_exists(wikiFN($namespace_sidebar_name)))
            echo '<div class="'.$side.'bar">'.p_sidebar_xhtml($namespace_sidebar_name).'</div>';
        elseif (file_exists(wikiFN($default_sidebar_name)))
            echo '<div class="'.$side.'bar">'.p_sidebar_xhtml($default_sidebar_name).'</div>';
            echo ' ';
        $ID = $svID;
        $REV = $svREV;
        $TOC = $svTOC;

    schplurtz 2011/02/07 13:46

  • Very great template ! thank you.
    I encountered a problem with long <code> or <file> that “overflow” the main page. The result is not very nice. Here is a capture from . Can you help fix this?
    chtiland 2011-04-22
    • @schplurtz : Try to use plugin jquerry-syntax, this solve this problem for me ;-)
      • seems to be a nice tip, have to try it — Mirko 2011/06/06 23:25

I put a logo instead of a text into the title of the wiki.
for this example: upload your logo to the media root as logo.gif and
put this code into the inputbox of the admin-configuration - Basic Settings - title - Wiki title

<span><div style="position:absolute; top:3px; left:0px; margin: 0px; padding: 10px;  background-color: #ffffff;"><IMG src="" height=60> </div></span> 
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